Luke Terry

Inventor, Formulator, Health Coach & Licensed Practitioner

Luke J. Terry has practiced as functional medicine & nutrition consultant, working for physicians, integrative pharmacies, and nutraceutical manufacturers since 2003. He worked his way through graduate school as a nutritionist and writer, earning a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine. As a graduate student, he wrote numerous articles for such publications as,, as well as for in-house newsletters for various natural medicine clinics and physicians.  

During this time, he experienced an acute Lyme infection which standard antibiotics failed to treat, and subsequently successfully self-treated with botanicals and other natural interventions. This early, powerful experience with botanical medicine catalyzed a strong passion for botanical therapeutics. He was able to return to school, and graduated with honors in 2008 from the top college of Oriental medicine in the United States, Emperor’s College in Santa Monica, CA.

He has successfully treated thousands of clients for many complex conditions by utilizing patient education, nutrition, botanical therapies, movement, acupuncture, injection therapies, integrated through a holistic, encompassing health evaluation and treatment plan. After the legalization of medical cannabis in Colorado, Luke began working with clients in effectively utilizing cannabinoid therapeutics for many disorders, specializing in dosing and formulating cannabinoids in synergistic formulations with many other botanicals. 

With this experience, Luke has developed strong, and unique evidence-based protocols and professional presentations on the best practices in botanical medicine and cannabinoid therapeutics for pain management, as well as many difficult to treat but common disorders with multi-botanical formulations.

As a clinician fascinated with herbal extraction, and having worked in several herbal and integrative pharmacies as a graduate student, Luke designed and built two small extraction and R&D facilities, first in Englewood, CO in 2009, then in Evergreen, CO, in 2014, where he produced a small line of liquid extracts for practitioners. He has pioneered numerous innovative extraction techniques and has produced high-quality extracts of over 300 different botanicals. 

His experience and expertise in botanical extraction led him to work in the burgeoning hemp industry as a consultant in extraction and GMP compliance. He designed the most powerful and efficient herb press available today, enhancing the process of solid-liquid separation in herbal extraction. The design led to a 4-fold increase in efficiency over existing technology for liquid extraction of hemp flower for the initial prototype, in production use in Louisville, CO. He recently pioneered advances in lipid infusion resulting in industry-leading terpene profiles in direct lipid infusion products. 

Luke has taught many courses for students and professionals in the natural medicine field. He began teaching in a professional botanical medicine training program in Denver, CO, soon after he returned to Colorado in 2008, eventually managing the school until its closure in 2016, as well as a stint as an adjunct professor in the Bioscience department at Southwest Acupuncture College in Boulder, CO. 

Online courses are available at:

He practices at the Mandala Center, 825 S Broadway, Boulder, CO, and consults in the hemp, CBD, cannabis, and nutraceutical industries.