Casey Linke, FNP-C

Casey is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner who believes in partnering with patients in a joint problem-solving effort to reduce unwanted symptoms and improve quality of life through a journey toward each individual’s definition of health and wellness. She uses an approach which she calls the Four Corners of Health, where nutrition, movement, stress management, and connection (to self, nature and community) are utilized to achieve one’s highest state of wellness. She believes that people are meant to thrive in vibrant wellness, and not suffer from unwanted symptoms or medication side effects, and that the great majority of people can reach that goal with a partner to help guide the way (and she would love to be your partner!) Ultimately, she believes in the radical notion that the human body is capable of self-repair and rejuvenation, and has seen the beneficial effects of the Four Corners of Health in her own health transformation and many others in her life journey.

Casey was born, raised and educated in the south, and attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for a BA in Public Policy, a BS in Nursing, and her Masters of Science in Nursing. Her Masters Thesis was on the reversal and management of Type 2 Diabetes with a low-fat, whole foods plant based diet, and she has also achieved a plant-based nutrition certification through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. She is always staying abreast of the current research on how most chronic diseases can be treated or reversed with lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing multiple medications that can have untoward side effects that only treat symptoms, she wants to find and pursue treatment of the root cause of illness. (She will, however, use medication to a reasonable degree to achieve health goals so long as the individual wishes.) After spending seven years working in the Research Triangle in nursing, both at Duke Hospital and UNC Health Care, and spending three years in family medicine rotations throughout the state of North Carolina, Casey has seen the devastating effects of chronic disease and is ready to begin partnering with people to stay out of the hospital and enjoy a long and healthy life.

Casey and her husband, Jay, have two young daughters and two dogs, Bodie and Frankie. She greatly enjoys hiking, cooking healthy and delicious meals for her family and friends, and is also an artist—she paints portraits in oil and abstracts in acrylic. More than anything, she believes in the abundant joy that life can bring when we see the world through the lens of gratitude and that laughter really is the best medicine. She is very grateful and honored to forge partnerships with people who are ready to thrive in health alongside Dr. Jaster at L.I.F.E. Medicine.

I’ve had the pleasure of having on-going acupuncture and Chinese herbal treatments from Marco Lam, the purveyor of Mandala, for the past couple of months and recommend it to the highest degree.  I came in with abysmal energy reserves, borderline depression, horrible digestion, and low “will power.”  Somehow both abruptly and gradually all of those conditions have improved considerably–and I can see the road to even better health and wellbeing.  Marco is a truly gifted healer–intuitive, fierce yet gentle, with a wealth of wisdom and tools at his disposal that surprise me nearly every visit.  And he’s just a joy to be around…


Not only is Marco an extremely knowledgeable and skilled acupuncturist and herbalist, but he also has an innate ability to help you search beneath your current symptoms to find deeper ways to realign your body from within. In almost every session, Marco is able to make a single statement or ask me one question that compassionately illuminates how I ended up feeling the way I did in the first place. As a female, I prioritize feeling safe when working with male health care practitioners. Marco’s clinic is an extremely safe space. Thanks to the supportive environment Marco creates, I feel both safe in my body and also comfortable discussing my true self without fear. I am very grateful for the work I have done with Marco and recommend him highly and without hesitation to anyone seeking more harmony in their body, mind, and overall health.


Marco Lam is a warm-hearted and highly skilled practitioner that I would highly recommend, especially for those seeking personal/spiritual growth either in their business or in their lives.  Truly gifted and intuitive healer.


Marco was an amazing support for my fertility journey.  He helped me regulate my cycle, improve my fertility, and when I ended up using IVF to conceive, his acupuncture helped me every step of the way to prepare my body for success, to grow and carry a healthy baby and to deliver and recover from the birth.  He went out of his way to make sure he was available at the critical moments, and provided helpful advice, emotional support and referrals to other skilled practitioners.  And what’s more, beyond just the acupuncture and herbs, he helped me learn about how I could take charge of my own fertility journey and to understand the hormones and rhythms of my body.  Marco is a knowledgeable practitioner who takes time to listen and empathize with his patients and learn about their whole selves, he takes time to educate them and acts as a supportive partner in enhancing one’s well-being and health.