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Visit the Friends of the Mandala Clinic

High Vibes Health: Judson B. Frost: Holistic Health Practitioner
Judson B. Frost, , provides Health Counseling, Nutrition, Structural Integration, Massage Therapy, Yoga Therapy and Mind-Body Healing.

Hanuman Adventures: Yoga + SEVA + Sacred Sites
We offerextraordinary yoga retreats with a unique focus on SEVA (service) and sacred sites in conscious community. Each trip will combine the rejuvenation and learning of a yoga retreat in paradise with the transformative experience of being of service to the local communities that we visit.

Boulder Acupuncture
Lam’s Acupuncture Clinic of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

BodyMind Therapy & Spiritual Counseling with Dayna Seraye
Dayna Seraye, is an ordained priestess/minister and offers therapeutic counseling services, ceremonies and energy medicine in Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder Nutrition with Sue Van Raes
Boulder Nutrition offers insight into holistic health for the whole being.

Charley Cropley, N.D.
Charley Cropley is a Naturopathic Physician whose motto is “Food is your best medicine.”

Roots and Branches Acupuncture
Tracey Sobel is an acupuncturist in Boulder, CO.

Modern Traditions Medicine
Jessica Ahmed is an acupuncturist and homeopathist in Boulder, CO.

High Energy Health Counseling
Seth Braun is a Holistic Health Counselor and Life Coach.

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