Looking for more resources? Let us introduce you to:


These are some of the people, places, and practices that Marco has used to grow, stay healthy, and address challenges outside of what we can provide at the clinic. All of the resources below are highly vetted and highly recommended. 

advanced training

Jun Po

Jun Po is one of the most amazing zen teachers alive today.  He won’t be for long, so if you want to sit with someone of capable transmission of vast, spacious awareness with little bullshit running the show, he is your man.

Diane Hamilton

Diane Hamilton is one of the most evolved and nuanced spiritual teachers I have encountered.  Her ability to sit in both the emptiness of zen and hold the complexity of the modern and post-modern world in her cup is breath giving.

Bing Lee

Bing has studied Tai Chi, Bagua, Xing-Yi, Qi Gong and other martial arts for over 50 years. He is a unique teacher because he is willing to share the traditional secret information to help students improve their health and wellness. 

Keith Martin Smith

Keith is a 3rd generation master and lineage holder with almost 30 years of training in Northern Kung Fu, under Master Jong Hoon Jeon. He is also an Ordained Zen Priest and Sensei.


Reuvain Bacal

Reuvain leads an exceptionally authentic and vulnerable men’s group with high performing men.  A decent investment financially and life changing.  Earth based and spiritually grounded compared to much of the more new age men’s groups out there.

Robert McNaughton

Robert has led thousands of circles, trained circling facilitators around the world, and has been facilitating experiential group education for over 20 years. He is a master of this art form and brings mature distinctions that are rare in this field.

Chris Mattias

Chris’s work flourishes at an intersection where abundance, creativity and service all meet. Chris is who I personally look up to as an elder, and whom I seek advice from at difficult crossroads. We highly recommend him as a coach and guide.

Robert Masters

Transformative Integral coaching and therapy for the brave. Robert believes working in real depth with our shadow is a foundational and much needed adventure for us all,  leading us to the kind of care and action that aligns us with what truly matters.

Jim Macris

Jim is a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with caregivers of the aging population. He has a passion for finding meaning and helping others find it, too. If you’re a professional or family caregiver, he is ready to partner in your care journey.

Michael Vladeck

Michael is a counselor, coach, mediator, educator, and trainer as well as course leader in the field of personal transformation and relationship dynamics. His work with teens is really advanced, and my confidence is rock solid that he can help most parents who are going through challenges with their teens.

Will Van Derveer

Will offers comprehensive psychiatric care. He is who I send my clients to when they need additional support to get their psyche back into balance. He uses pharmaceuticals with a deft touch and a deeply compassionate heart, and his work with ketamine is ground-breaking and elegant.


Jason Orowitz

Jason specializes in chiropractic care for both people and their pets. With a variety of services including advanced bio-structural chiropractic care, functional health and nutrition, medical intuition, and energy healing, Jason’s practice helps unlock radiant health with custom, non-invasive, and results-driven support.

Chuck Hyde

Chuck Hyde is a shaman of gadgets and bodyworker extraordinaire. His studio offers Acoustic Resonance Therapy to small groups and individuals, Resonance Therapy Bodywork, and Embodied Resonance Meditation, and Psychedelic Hypnogogic Light Therapy. The entheogenic electronic experience he curates is exceptional.

Herbs and supplements

Performance Tea

Adaptogenic herbs in a convenient instant beverage. Plant-based products for health, wellness, performance, and recovery

Freya Health

All natural daily beverage supplement that supports female reproductive health and well being.

Chica Chocolate

High quality chocolate truffles handmade with the infusion of a Chinese herbal formula chosen to promote hormone balance and ease your menstrual cycle.

Rebecca's Apothecary

High quality bulk herbs and herbal products Rebecca curates a wonderful collection of medicines, and has an experienced staff that is really helpful. Many of their bulk herbs are locally sourced and organic, and all are of the highest quality.

Alpine Botanicals

Herbal artisan apothecary showcasing hand crafted products from the Rocky Mountain region. Whether you’re looking for a special gift, or a specific herbal product, they will have what you need to stay healthy, and bring more health and joy into your life.

local farms

Pachamama Farm

Organic community supported agriculture. Producing pure food, offering educational programs, and providing healing services in Nature.

McCauley Farm

Regenerative farming to heal people and the planet with delicious food. They host farm dinners, a volunteer program, special events, and a variety of classes ranging from mindful animal slaughter to permaculture.

Ebert Farm

Ebert Family Farm seeks to establish a sustainable and diversified farm program that improves the land and the health of the involved community. They offer raw milk, grass fed beef, organic pork.

Frank's Natural Homestead Beef

Pasture raised, humanely treated beef and pork. Processed in a Temple Grandin  designed facility which is key in the post mortem stage of processing, allowing the tenderness and quality to come through.


Living Tea

Living Tea embraces the aesthetic and harmony between nature and culture. By relating to tea as a Way or a Tao, we find principles derived from nature by which we guide our lives. Living Tea seeks out leaves from old-growth trees that are seed-grown in their native environments free of any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or weed- killers.

Global Tea Hut

Global Tea Hut is first and foremost a community of tea lovers in sixty countries around the world. Many of us approach tea as a meditation, ceremony or as an aspect of spiritual cultivation, but none of that is the glue that binds this global community. We are ultimately all bound by one thing only: a love of tea.

treatment programs

Inscape Recovery

Inscape is an holistic addiction treatment, emotional health and ibogaine aftercare program in Mexico that combines indigenous plant medicines with naturopathic treatments, phytotherapy and intensive psychotherapy. Inscape’s methods go beyond traditional models, and their mission is to provide a more encompassing and life-affirming alternative to conventional addiction treatment.