Linnea Jewett


Linnea Jewett MA, LPC, R-DMT, CSC, PACT II

I enjoy working with both individuals and couples to obtain deeper understanding and joy in their lives. I am an honored allied human who has dedicated her life to understanding the healing mysteries of personal transformation…the transformation from suffering or uncertainty to fulfillment. I offer professional companionship and guidance as I safely hold the therapeutic container for deeper exploration, unlocking your innate wisdom towards growth, recovery, balance and acceptance of self or self-in-relationship. This process is not about no longer feeling uncomfortable emotions, but rather more about learning how to manage, hold and move through emotional discomfort while mining out the qualities of resiliency, confidence, trust and secure-functioning in a complex world.

As a Somatic Psychotherapist, PACT Level II Couples Counselor and devoted student to the Discipline of Authentic Movement, I value and utilize the essential interconnection between the mind, body and spirit. Culturally, we often over emphasize our conscious mind over the less discernible parts, such as our nervous system, our energetic centers, our intuitive self, or even the subtle whisperings of our subconscious discovered in movement, creative expression and dreams. In our work together, whether individually or as a couple, the following is an overview of my orientation, tools and evidence-based techniques you may find in our sessions:

  • Somatic Interventions: Focusing, Sensorimotor, & Movement
  • Expressive Arts Interventions: Sand Tray, Writing, & Drawing
  • Working with the Subconscious: Dreams, Authentic Movement and Guided Meditations/Visualizations
  • Neuroscience: Arousal Regulation (working with “fight or flight”)
  • Attachment Theory: Internal Family Systems, Narrative Therapy and Genograms

Linnea Jewett MA, LPC, R-DMT, CSC, PACT II
(303) 378-1611