Jamie Furstoss Lam

Certified Breema Practitioner

Jamie Furstoss Lam is a certified Breema practitioner and Self- Breema teacher, having received her certificate training in Oakland, California. Over the last 14 years she has studied Breema with numerous senior teachers in British Columbia, Washington, and Colorado. She says, “Breema originally attracted me because of its natural, deeply nurturing quality. It supports my experience that we are innately self- healing, if supported in the fullest of ways.”

Breema bodywork sequences and Self-Breema exercises use nurturing touch, tension-relieving stretches, and rhythmic movements to create physical, mental, and emotional balance, in an atmosphere of harmony and non-judgment.

Breema’s Nine Principles of Harmony are the key to the system’s many unique facets, from its enlivening effect on both practitioner and recipient, to its ability to create deep receptivity and tangible well being.

Breema bodywork is appropriate for anyone interested in a practical way to deepen their relationship to life while nurturing the body.

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