Nic Aquino-Roithmayr, LPC

Nic moves in the world to create power and momentum towards collective healing to advance the creation of our shared humanitarian future. Trained in somatic healing, meditation instruction, and contemplative psychotherapy, Nic uses a mix of multidisciplinary practices to invite those he works with into a process of settling the body-mind to unhook from the momentum, pressure, and constrictions of the painful past, returning to an authentic generative life pulse. Nic sees clients as a psychotherapist focusing on tending to intergenerational wounds within the individuals and families he works with. He also works with groups facilitating meditation retreats and collective healing programs. Nic’s life pulse leads him to swim in the oceans, soak in hot springs, and raft through rivers. He has a widespread community in the U.S. and travels frequently to spend time and share food with his loved ones.

In psychotherapy with Nic, you will develop embodied self-awareness to recognize what you need in order to arrive at a place of well-being. We all have an intrinsic right to experience well-being, and we don’t always know how to get there. In working with Nic you will begin to gain clarity, resources, and action that transforms your life!