Breema Bodywork

 Boulder Breema BodyworkBreema Bodywork is received fully clothed on a padded and carpeted floor at the Mandala Integrative Medicine Clinic in Boulder, CO. It is totally comfortable, enjoyable, relaxing and re-vitalizing, and an amazingly effective form of bodywork. Rather than focusing on illness or imbalance, Breema supports and nurtures the recipient’s innate vitality. Breema balances the energy of the mind, body, and feelings, allowing the body to heal itself.

What is Breema?

The primary benefit of Breema is bringing individuals to a level at which they feel nurtured rather than drained by their relationship to their body, surroundings, people, feelings, and other aspects of life. Breema’s nurturing atmosphere allows the mind, body, and feelings to become present, receptive, and vital.

Secondary benefits that stem from this nurturing include:

  • renewed vitality
  • increased mental clarity and focus
  • relief of tension
  • increased flexibility
  • mental and emotional balance and harmony
  • gentle musculo-skeletal realignment
  • reduced stress
  • improved nervous system function
  • improved circulation and digestion

Jamie Furstoss Lam, Boulder’s Breema Bodywork practitioner, uses firm yet gentle stretches, precise and gradual leans into the muscles, nurturing brushes and holding postures, and a wide variety of rhythmic movements both soothing and energizing. Jamie’s Breema treatments range from delicate to vigorous and are appropriately tailored to each recipient at each visit.

The best way to learn about breema is to experience it for yourself.
Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that covers the shoulders, legs, and midriff,
as well as a pair of clean socks.
Breema is a service mark of the Breema Center. To learn more about Breema click here.


Jamie Furstoss Lam