Psychotherapy in Boulder

Psychotherapy at the Mandala Clinic emphasizes an integral approach that engages with and tends to the mind, body, heart, and soul / greater connection to the world.

This practice allows space for:

  • Talking about conflicts, struggles, and challenges in your life and working with your therapist to actively problem-solve
  • Using movement and body-centered therapy to explore your experience in the world
  • Developing mindfulness practices as a way to work with emotions, habitual thought patterns and core beliefs
  • Learning about relationship patterns with family, partners and friends
  • Establishing and nurturing a safe place where you are able to speak honestly and openly
  • Working through traumatic experiences with specific modalities aimed at healing overwhelming experiences

Psychotherapy can be short-term (6-12 sessions) and on-going (a year or more).


Jigen Lindsey WIlkinson

Zachary Kruger

Chris Clearday

Annemarie Prairie

Linnea Jewett