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“My son and I have been visiting Marco since we first heard that my son has Duchene Muscular Dystrophy, which is a progressive muscular disease, in 2001. My son was told that he would be weak and prone to being sick and all kinds of doom and gloom about how fast he would loose his abilities to walk, use his arms, etc. I have to say, the acupuncture has really slowed his progression down. He hardly is ever sick and if he does get sick, Marco prescribes herbs and works on Forest so he recovers quickly.

People in the medical profession have encouraged us to go the steroid route which we have declined. I feel we get the same or even better results doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs, without all the side effects that steroids would have.

As far as myself, I have had the menopausal hot flash, panic attack syndrome, and found that my treatments from Marco has really helped all the symptoms to subside. He also helps me when I feel run down or sick. He has helped me lessen the sick or has even prevented it form happening.

As far as the whole Mandala clinic, I have gotten resources for massage, meditation, counseling and yoga. I can’t say enough about the Mandala Clinic. I would highly recommend acupuncture for everyone, and especially from Marco and all of his colleagues.”

-Karen Phillips


“After having experienced chronic neck pain and being told I would need surgery, or at the very least have to undergo steroidal injections, I came to the Mandala Center and began acupuncture treatments with Marco along with massage treatments with Kendra. The combination of treatments along with Chinese Herbs prescribed by Marco have almost entirely eliminated the pain. I feel much better both physically and emotionally thanks to Marco and Kendra. In less than 2 months my condition has turned around and I can live virtually without pain. Marco listened compassionately and showed his concern at every session. Kendra’s massages were fantastic. Mandala has many resources to treat the entire person that I was not able to find elsewhere. I enthusiastically recommend the Mandala Center to anyone.”

-Jim Wilson

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