Postpartum Massage Therapy

As the new mother adjusts to her baby, her body is also adjusting. Postpartum massage therapy provides the new mom with emotional support and nurturing, helping her to relax into this new stage. Her body is supported in its dramatic transition and new job of caring for an infant. Postpartum massage is just as important for the new mom as the prenatal massage she received when she was pregnant.

Benefits of Postpartum Massage

  • reduces and helps prevents neck, wrist and back pain that comes with newborn care
  • realigns the pelvis and spine by sculpting the muscles around them
  • aids the healing of a cesarean birth incision
  • provides relief from the muscle fatigue of labor and delivery
  • flushes toxins and excess hormones out of the tissues
  • Nurturing and safe touch is just the thing a new mom needs.

Allow our integrative massage therapists to ease and nurture your mind and body throughout your postpartum phase and beyond.

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