Boulder Acupuncture

In the Western world, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has been popularized by acupuncture, which is the practice of inserting tiny needles into the skin of the patient. However, acupuncture is but only one of the four TCM healing modalities. TCM also utilizes chinese herbs, bodywork, and lifestyle changes to bring the body to health and harmony. Chinese Medicine includes TCM, but also many other ancient traditional healing paradigms from the Far East. Boulder Acupuncture is our unique approach to Chinese Medicine, which includes the practice of acupuncture.

Marco Chung-Shu Lam is a licensed acupuncturist with an exceptionally unique practice, drawing from his studies with Taoist masters, the martial art traditions, and drawing from over a decade of teaching and practicing Zen Shiatsu. Marco’s understanding of how nature heals is deeply woven into the core of who he is and he draws from his Chinese heritage an affinity for both traditional Chinese medicine and the Taoist world view. In his private practice in Boulder, Colorado, he incorporates Whole Food Nutrition, traditional Chinese herbology and acupuncture to create a tapestry of support to bring you to your highest level of health.

Marco has a gentle touch and works with many patients who were at one time afraid of needles, including children and elders. In the ancient tradition of Taoist acupuncture and the living system of herbalism, sages would go out into nature and gather their healing medicines and commune with the elements. Marco practices and preserves this tradition as he integrates the traditional Chinese herbology with the use of local medicinal herbs which he cultivates and harvests on the 200 acre Earthstar Farm in the foothills of Boulder.

The Staff at Lam’s Acupuncture Clinic in beautiful Boulder, Colorado invite you to the path of Chinese Medicine and to the fullness of health that you can experience.